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Work Permits Ireland

All non-EEA citizens who are not otherwise exempt do require a work permit to legally work in Ireland. The permits are processed by the Department of Business, Enterprise, and innovation. This system was put in place to allow non-EU nationals to find jobs in the country, especially in sectors experiencing labor shortage or where the employer can’t find an EU national or Irish citizen to fill the role. When the permit is granted, the applicant will then be issued a visa to enter the country – if required –proper residence permission, stamp 1, that aligns with the work permit’s duration.

There are a number of work permit schemes in Ireland, that we can assist you apply for if your are looking for work in the country. They include:

General Employment Permit 

This permit allows non-EEA nationals to work in Ireland legally. The permit lasts for up to 2 years and the applicant is required to secure employment within this duration. It is ideal for most applicants as it covers a wide range of occupations, apart from positions listed on the ineligible occupations list. The permit can be further extended for a maximum of 3 years. When an applicant completes five years of employment in Ireland on this permit, they are eligible to apply for a stamp 4 to remain. Applicants on a general employment permit have to have completed at least one year of employment in the state before their family members can join them. And if at some point they decide they want to work in Ireland, they will have to secure their own employment permit.

Critical Skills Employment Permit 

This work permit is for highly skilled individuals and its valid for 2 years. It is the most sought-after permit in Ireland, and it was mainly created to attract highly skilled workers into the country with the goal of encouraging them to apply for permanent residence after their first two years in Ireland. The permit is mostly focused on positions considered to be in short supply and are highly critical for the proper functioning of the country’s economy. When it comes to the reunification with family members, employees with this permit can be joined by their family members at the start of their employment. What’s more, spouses of Critical Skills Employment Permit holders are granted a Stamp 1G immigration permission, which enables them to work in Ireland without having to obtain an independent employment permit.

Intra-Company Transfers Employment Permit 

This permit allows companies offices overseas to transfer key employees and trainees to their local offices in Ireland. These employees remain employed by their parent company in their home country and that means they will remain on a foreign payroll when in Ireland. This permit is granted for a maximum period of two years, but it can be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years. Holders of this permit are allowed to bring their family members to Ireland, but there are not permitted to work. If any family member wishes to obtain employment, they will need to apply for their own work permits independently. Moreover, prior to their transfer to Ireland senior management and key personnel are supposed to have worked for the overseas employer for a minimum period of 6 months while trainees must have worked for a minimum period of one month.


Other work permits


Reactivation employment permit 

The permit facilitates circumstances where the applicant, who arrived in Ireland on a valid work permit, fell out of the scheme to work lawfully again through no fault of their own.

Contracts for services employment permit 

When a foreign company enters into a contract with an Irish entity to provide services and decides to send several employees to Ireland to provide the contracted services, they will need to have this permit to be allowed in the country.

Internship employment permit 

The permit allows non-EU full-time students enrolled in an overseas institution to obtain work experience with an employer in Ireland. It lasts for a maximum period of 12 months and is not renewable.

Now, as the specific eligibility for all these work permits differs, we will advise you on the appropriate decision based on your situation, and whether you are eligible to apply for a work permit in Ireland. We will prepare detailed employment applications and appeals to the relevant departments and assist you throughout the entire process.

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