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For Ireland Immigration, Visas, Work Permits, Irish Citizenship or Passport Application and more

It is for a fact that immigrating to another country might be one of the most difficult yet serious decisions you will ever have to make in your lifetime. For this reason, you will need the best legal advice you can possibly get, to make your move easier – and that’s why we are here. With over a decade of PQE (“Post Qualified Experience”), we help you expedite immigration application procedures and all the legal processes for matters related to work permit, investment visa, entrepreneur visa, spouse visa, family reunification, EU treaty rights, as well as Irish citizenship. In as much as many people think that finding a lawyer isn’t that necessary when applying for immigration, we can tell for a fact that getting help from a qualified lawyer will most certainly save you time and resources. It will prevent you from making mistakes which can sabotage your application. More importantly, we will guide you throughout the entire application process with 100% commitment and personal care. Our main goal is to ensure that you will be assisted on a one-to-one basis by one of our top qualified solicitors who is most experienced when it comes to immigration legal issues as per your needs.

We also offer immigration UK services. Contact us here to learn more.

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Practice Areas

Irish Citizenship & Naturalisation

Foreigners can apply for Irish citizenship through naturalisation. This extends to foreign nationals who either have civil partners, are married to Irish citizens, or are descent to an Irish family. We specialise in obtaining citizenship through marriage or by descent. From your initial application to passport preparation, we review each individual's circumstance so as to determine the most appropriate route to a successful application.

Work Permit

For non EU nationals, if you would like to work in Ireland, you will have to apply for and receive a work permit. For you to apply for this permit, you must have an employment contract or a job offer to apply. Permission will be granted only to the highly skilled or in sectors with skill-shortage. Whether it is a general employment permit, critical skills permit, renewals of the permits, or appeals for refusals, we can assist you throughout the entire process.

Investment Visa

The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme is aimed at enabling high net worth non-EU nationals to invest in Ireland in order to obtain residency for them and their families. It’s mostly ideal for investors looking for residency in Europe. Available investment schemes include endowment, enterprise investment, Real estate investment trust (REIT) and investment fund.

Business / Entrepreneur Visa

Do you have an innovative business concept that you believe that it can be transformed into a successful business venture in Ireland? If so, you will be eligible to apply for the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme. It not only allows you to start a business in Ireland, but it grants residency for you and your immediate family. There are a number of processes that you will have to go through.

Spouse Visa

The non-EU spouse of an Irish citizen can apply for a visa or residence permit to enter or reside in Ireland with his or her partner on a long term basis. Based on the INIS policy on Family Reunification, however, there are financial thresholds that have to be met for the application to be approved. We have extensive experience when it comes to lodging initial applications for residence permits and visas for spouses of Irish citizens, or in the event of a divorce or separation from their Irish spouses.

EU Treaty Rights

EU Treaty Rights are the rights of European Union citizens to exercise free movement within the territory of the EU member states. Directive 2004/38/EC as implemented by the European Communities in Ireland was brought into operation in the country on 1st February 2016. The treaty rights law only applies to EEA nationals from other EU member states moving to Ireland. The directive of 2004 and 2015 regulations separates the family members to whom the free movement rights extend.


Deportation orders, in Ireland, are issued by the Minister for Justice and Equality and are technically permanent. When you are served with these orders, even when you leave – either voluntarily or actual deportation – the order remains in effect. If you are served with a proposal to deport or the actual deportation order, serious and urgent advice should be sought. We assist our clients with regards to section 3 and deportation procedure and also challenging or appealing deportation orders.

Family Reunification

Irish citizens or Irish residents may apply for their non-EU spouses, civil partners, children, and dependents to be granted immigration permission. These applications must follow certain criteria and procedures based on the individual's circumstances. If the family member is in another country, then he or she will have to apply for a ‘D’ type visa in the nearest Embassy, and if in the country, they can file with INIS. We assist our clients at all stages of the family reunification process.

Why We Are Different

When you choose to work with a boutique law firm, you are hiring an attorney, not just a firm. This means you are getting the 1-on-1 attention you need and deserve.

Law, as a profession and a field of study, is quite complex and broad. Ineffectiveness and inefficiency is the resultant outcome if any law firm tries to provide clients with all matters law via all legal frontiers. Based on this premise, we decided to focus more on immigration law. This has enabled us to gain maximum expertise on most immigration matters, even the most complex ones, thus ensuring that our clients receive the best immigration services from us.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that when you hire our solicitors, they will be with you throughout the entire process every step along the way. We never shy away from complex immigration situations, so you can bring to us whatever request you may have and we will gladly help. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcomes from your applications. Right from your initial consultation with us, to the end application process, our main goal is to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work. Truth be told, the reason why we strive to deliver is not far-fetched at all – we care about each and every single case simply because we cannot take your trust for granted.

Case Experience

Our approach is to, first and foremost, engage you over the phone so as to ascertain if at all there is a case or not. If a case exists, we proceed with all the other subsequent procedures. Over-the-phone is also an opportunity for our clients to get to know our immigration solicitors better so as to ascertain their proficiency and expertise. We want you to get the solicitor you feel is the best based on your needs, and that’s why we encourage our clients to get to know our solicitors first, before committing to them.

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More About Us

A highly experienced team of immigration solicitors with a proven track record for supporting non-Irish citizens on all aspects of immigration procedures, we pride ourselves with one of the highest success rates in immigration matters. The reason for this is pretty simple – we treat each and every single case, with our utmost dedication, may it be an individual case or a corporate appeal. For us, integrity and professionalism are more crucial than financial gains. Moreover, we operate on the principles of transparency and fairness when it comes to costs. For those individuals who are already settled in Dublin, or Irish nationals seeking to bring their family members to join them in the country and gain a permanent residency or a residence permit, our lawyers have the technical know-how, experience and knowledge and will be readily available to help you win your application, by providing practical representation and advice. When you come to us, we will tailor our advice and legal strategy based on your personal background and individual needs.

We also partner with family law solicitors in the UK to deal with any family challenges that you may have encountered. Learn more about their legal services here

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About Stamps

There are several types of stamp with different names, such as Stamp 0, Stamp 1, Stamp 2, Stamp 2A, Stamp 3, Stamp 4 etc. Each one indicates a type of permission, including the:

  • Activities you can – and cannot do – in Ireland
  • Time period you are allowed to stay

For example, permission to study a degree in Ireland (as well as other types of study) is indicated by Stamp 2 or 2A.

You must be familiar with your stamp and the conditions that apply to it. If you break these conditions, you may have to leave the country.

Learn more about Irish Immigration Stamps here.

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